Jenny "Twenty Versions"

Say "hey" to our newest employee, Jenny Hoang! We call her Jenny "Twenty Versions" because she's the absolute queen of visual mock-ups!  She's a recent graduate of Cal State Long Beach's Design Department, and she's the Jr. Graphic Designer that has been rocking your world for the past few weeks.  We're happy to have her, and did a little interview so you (and we) can get to know her better.

We promise she's older now... but she does still wear a lot of hats.


Harveys: So, Jenny---how did you first hear about Harveys?

Jenny: My Spanish teacher in High School had a Seatbeltbag (I think it was an Executive Laptop Bag).  I loved the innovative use of materials and immediately thought, "I want one!"  I bugged my friends about it for a while, and they ended up getting me a Black Mini-Messenger for my 16th birthday!

Harveys: That's awesome!  I remember you interned at Harveys for a few months last year before being hired on in the Marketing Department.  How did the internship happen? 

Jenny: I was in a class for Display & Exhibition at Cal State Long Beach and we had a class project to design a tradeshow booth for a real company.  I immediately thought of Harveys, and contacted you guys for logos and other information I could use for the project. 
Center: Dana, Chris & Jenny at her Senior exhibition.  Right: the famous tradeshow model!

Once the project was done, I sent in a few photos of the finished mock-up, and the rest is history.  I would like to note that I really did NOT do it for the job!  I didn't even think that was an option...I really just love Harveys. 

Harveys: Suuuuuuure, Jenny.  Well, how has it been working at Harveys for the past month?

Jenny: To be honest, it's made me love Harveys even more.  The place is so much more down-to-Earth than I expected.  The company is very in-tune with its customers, and very family-oriented---everyone goes out together, and I haven't seen that a lot.  It really doesn't feel like a job. 

Harveys: Now time for my favorite question: What did you want to be when you "grew up?"

Jenny: Actually, a dentist!  I just loved going to my dentist appointments.  When I started losing my teeth as a little kid, I refused to do any of those "at-home-techniques."  No doorknob-slamming, pliers, etc.  The only thing I wanted to do was go to my dentist so he could handle it professionally. 

Harveys: So, what happened?

Jenny: Once I started high school, I realized that I really wasn't good at science and biology, but art was something that I always loved. My whole childhood was filled with arts and crafts; legos, building castles for barbies, art projects, photography, drawing, etc.  Sorry, Mom & Dad---dentistry just wasn't for me!

Left: getting ready for some major art-makin'.  Right: Jenny proving that you're never to old to love (and eat) legos.