Take us out to the ballllllgame!

Almost every year, the extended Harveys crew gets together for a summer employee event.  Last year was Knott's Berry Farm, and a couple years before that was a classic company picnic over by Irvine Lake. 

Last Saturday, we took everyone out to Angel's stadium for a tailgate followed by the Angels v. Pirates game.   If you were anywhere near Angel's stadium last Saturday, you probably saw us---almost 300 people, all decked out in Harveys t-shirts made for the event!  Oh yeah...there were definitely a lot of Seatbeltbags in attendance, too.

Here are a few highlights:

Obligatory pre-tailgate trip to Costco.

Tailgate set-up time!

Alfonsina is one of our master-weavers---she probably wove that bag herself!

Little Indiana is our COO Nicole's little girl, and she's pretty cute, huh?

Carin, our Marketing Manager, and I guarding the raffle area.

Ruh roh... someone found the strawberries.

That's Alex on the right---she manages our ebay store!

Some cupcakes as an early birthday celebration for Melanie Harvey!

Responsibility first----root beer all the way, Harv!

Cheryl, our Associate Designer, on the left, and Allison Friday, National Sales Rep, on the very right, hanging out with a guest.

Raffle time!  Please notice the shiny new raffle drum that Nicole is holding---oh, we fancy, huh?!

Julia (in Quality Control) is the lucky winner of the navy bike!

Tomas won an American Express gift card!

Elvia walked away with the Jambox speakers.

Amanda won the grand prize---an ipad mini!

Lucky couple---both Elvia and Julia won big ticket items from our raffle!

Indiana, along with her uncle Tyler, supervising the distribution of the for-the-game snack packs.