Summer's just funner

Well, it's here----the OFFICIAL start of summer.

One of the ways we've been celebrating over the last few years has been with our Summer Luv'n collection release.  Even though I've loved each of the Summer Luv'n collections we've done, I have to admit that I'm partial to this year's collection of Summer Luv'n Sunbrella totes, for a few reasons:

  1. It's a brand new style: We've done canvas totes before, but never like this.  This style includes 2 outside snap pockets, and can be worn as a boat tote, or cinched on the inside to make it more of a hobo-style bag.
  2. They're made with Sunbrella fabric: For those of you who aren't familiar, Sunbrella makes amazing, water-resistant and fade resistant fabric and canvas.  Because of how durable they are, Sunbrella fabrics are usually used for outdoor furniture and awnings, but what can we say?  We know a good thing when we see it, and we KNEW we wanted to use Sunbrella for this collection.  
  3. Summer Luv'n Totes are super useful: There's almost nothing that these bags can't be used for.  They can go from the perfect summer shopping tote, to a beach bag, to a travel-friendly carry-on. 
We can't wait to use Sunbrella fabrics in upcoming collections, so stay tuned. 
For now, get off the interwebs and enjoy the first day of summer!