First Friday: Inside Scoop!

Happy First Friday!
First Friday always means there's a new product release, which is pretty exciting stuff, even for those of us at Harveys that have seen these bags for a few months already.  It's our first chance to hear what our customers think!

On the SeatbeltBLOG, First Friday is a chance for us to share a little MORE about the collection.


For this month's First Friday: Inside Scoop!, we're asking three Harveys employees what their favorite item is of the release.

NICOLE DALE,  Chief Operations Officer - Large Makeup Case in Gingham

We caught up with Nicole as she was prepping for our employee Fourth of July (err---third of July) event, but as you can see, she didn't seem to mind the interruption.
Nicole: "I'm a big fan of Large Makeup cases in general, because they're an awesome way to "go bold" with a print without dedicating your entire handbag to it.  Stick it inside a larger Seatbeltbag, and it's a fun surprise when you reach in.  An extra bonus with this Large Makeup Case in Gingham is that it looks PERFECT with this bowl of watermelon!" [get your own Large Makeup Case in Gingham]
YULIANA, Production - Lola Satchel in Periwinkle

We stopped Yuliana in our factory because we heard she was on team Lola.  Sure enough, her favorite bag of the release is our Lola Satchel in Periwinkle!  (P.S.---check out all of those lining patterns behind her!)

Yuliana: "I LOVE Lola's details---especially the ruffles and the short handles.  Personally, I don't like carrying bags up on my shoulder, so having a bag that I can carry on my arm is perfect for me! (It still has an adjustable strap, just in case).  Periwinkle is a beautiful color, so it's a good fit for Lola." [get your own Lola Satchel in Periwinkle]

ROSARIO, Production - Madison Satchel in Gingham
Rosario: "This bag just reminds me of a summer party!  Madison is one of the most desired styles, and in Gingham, you can wear it as an elegant bag, or casually.  I love this color combo, but I also like that they kept the entire bottom of the bag in Storm, because that will definitely keep the bag from looking dirty." [get your own Madison Satchel in Gingham]

Have you seen all of our newbies?  Which one is at the top of your list??