The Harveys for Disney Couture Good vs. Evil Collection premiered this past Saturday at Downtown Disney's Vault 28. Boy oh boy... was it fun! Thank you so much to everyone that showed-up to support!

I thought I'd give you a little behind the scenes of how this collection came about. 

My team and I had been working on concepts for a Princess collection for months and brainstormed possible ways we could make the collection more mature. During our research we came across the book, "The Art of the Disney Princess." While flipping through we stubbled across this image of Cinderella.

We fell in love! It encompassed everything we thought Disney art should be for adults, minmal color, dark tones, and stylized artwork. As soon as the stylization was decided on, things started to move quickly. Disney gave us the amazing opportunity to create original artwork for these bags and we we're thrilled. Our talented graphic designer, Nancy Chiu, spent A LOT of time drawing and painting these pieces of art. Enjoy a look into the process and artwork...

Snow White and the Evil Queen in the sketched and watercolor stages.

Ariel and Ursula in the sketched and watercolor stages.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Maleficent in the sketched and watercolor stages.

Cinderella and her Evil Step Mother in the sketched and watercolor stages.

All of Nancy's hard work paid off, this collection is truly amazing! 

There are 4 different Princess Carriage Ring Totes. They are all double sided; one features the princess while the other her evil villain. We figured... whatever your mood that day... Good or evil... you'd choose the side to display! 

The Disney Good vs. Evil Princess Seatbeltbag collection will soon be available on our website and in our Harveys Stores. Stay tuned!!