DIY: Valentine's Day Craft

Hi SeatbeltBlog fans! Melanie Harvey here!

The girls and I are always doing fun crafts so, to get into the Valentine's Day spirit we did this wax paper heart craft!

This craft has been around for years! All you have to do is melt old crayons in between wax paper, then cut them out into heart shapes. You can hang them in front of a window for a stained-glass effect or hang them on your front door like we did! 

What you'll need:

Old broken crayons ( I always save our crayons for crafts)
Wax paper 
Craft paper
Heart templates in different sizes (we used the back of an old coloring book that had a card stock consistency)
Twigs (the girls and I picked these up off the ground on one of our park adventures)
Cheese grater 
Whole punch (I actually decided to use pink thread and a pinch of tape instead)
Craft paper 

Once you have all your supplies together you can get started! 

Step 1: Remove the paper from the old crayons and grate the crayons (the girls loves doing this)

Step 2: Sprinkle the crayon shavings onto a 12 x 16 wax paper sheet, fold it in half length wise, re-open and put in the crayon shavings. Place the wax paper back over the top of the shavings.

Step 3: Then place a piece of craft paper on top of that (to protect your iron) and gently iron until melted.

Step 4: Let the melted crayons cool.

Step 5: Trace your heart stencils onto the now lovely colored wax paper, then cut them out. 

Step 6: I used pink thread and a little tape to secure the heard, then tied them onto the twig and rigged it with the twine to hang from our front door!

Step 7: Enjoy your beautiful hearts!

The girls loved this craft. It was easy and the hearts turned out pretty darn cute! 

I hope you enjoyed our craft! Happy Valentine's Day!