Harveys Crew Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just 6 days away! 

Are you having trouble deciding on what to get your Valentine? If so, don't worry, the Harveys crew has some great ideas for you!

I've always been a homemade present kind of guy. I love getting homemade items from Melanie and the girls and Valentine's Day is no different. This year I'm hoping to get some homemade Valentine's Day cards and cookies! Check out what everyone is giving and hoping to receive...

1. Melanie is hoping for "A big box of see's chocolates with a love note." Good thing, because this is my plan :)

2. Amanda (Marketing Assistant) "The Spring release couldn't have come at a better time! I'm loving our newest color Mint and the Mini Messenger is the perfect size!"

3 & 4. Ashley (Marketing Manager) "I REALLY want these Snake Print Brow Sunglasses from Topshop and I'm getting my Valentine a Vintage Sears Roadbike so we can bike around town together."

5. Addrienne (Website Manager) "Valentine's Day isn't mine and my husbands favorite holiday, so we like to lay low. I usually make him his favorite meal and we watch old black and white movies together."

6. Kyle (Graphic Designer) "This Valentine's Day I plan on surprising my wife with her favorite cookies from Campitelli's. Then dinner and a movie, and flowers of course!"

7 & 8. Karla (Area Manager) "I'm hoping to get the Marilyn Tote in Black & White polka dot with a Tiffany's infinity bracelet inside. I already have the Marilyn Satchel and Fold-over, so I need to complete my collection and I LOVE that bracelet ;)"

9. Brittany (Store Manager) "My husband and I usually use Valentine's Day as a good excuse to have a date night. Dinner and a movie and we're both happy!"

10 & 11. Cheryl (Associate Designer): "I am gifting my boyfriend a new 59fifty hat for his favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers. This ended up being an early Valentine's Day present, so he could cheer it on Super Bowl. For myself this year I'm more into memories than merchandise and I've hinted (loudly) that I would like to go to the Griffith's Observatory for the day. I have lived in California my whole life and have never been there!"

I didn't add a picture for this, but it is pretty awesome, you have to check it out!
Carin (Accounting)"I'm getting my Valentine a tin-type photo session at a store called Photobooth in San Francisco." 

We hope our gift ideas helped!