Weave me up, Scotty!

It all (Harveys) started with "the weave". Back in 1997, when Melanie and I had the idea of making her a matching handbag from left-over seatbelt webbing, I was excited and challenged all at once. I was excited because I  knew our idea was something original and innovative. But I was challenged because I didn't exactly know how to get started. My mother had taught me how to sew when I was little, but how did I want to construct this seatbelt handbag?

Then (cue light bulb turning on) I had it. My grandmother was a basket-weaver, and had taught me how to weave when I was a boy. I grabbed the reel of seatbelt webbing, turned on the light on my Singer machine, and went to work. 

I've been noticing woven design all over the place lately... jewelry, shoes, and architecture. So, I started snapping pictures of the different things I've found. 

This is the front desk in the lobby at the office. My brother and I made this together when we moved our corporate office and factory a few years back.

A few years ago I made a cool little bench with woven red seatbelts. This Risom Woven Chair from allmodern.com looks almost identical.

When visiting the Harveys Chino Hills store I stopped by this awesome coffee shop called Dripp. The interior and feel of the coffee shop was so cool. I wanted to take pictures, but they wouldn't allow it, so I found a pic from their facebook. Notice the wooden woven design on the walls?

The Nike Sportswear Aina Chukka Woven QS sneaker is awesome. It combines Nike's signature silhouette with woven accents.

I've seen plenty of girls wearing this Tiffany Somerset ring around town. I must admit I do like it. 

As you can see the woven design is EVERYWHERE. So, now it's your turn! I want to see the woven designs you can spot. 

Email me a photo with the subject line: "I spy a WOVEN design" to contests@seatbeltbags.com.

I want to see how creative you can get. It may be an old woven basket you've had for years or something more abstract. The sky's the limit! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a woven design, snap a pic, and send it in!