We got a very interesting Thank You note from one of our customers that I thought was worth sharing. We hear some crazy stories about our bags but I think this one is one of the craziest:

Dear Harveys,

    I am writing to your company to say thank you for making such a tough product, guaranteed tough, in fact. My boyfriend and I went to Disneyland on vacation in July, and we went to the new Cars Land in California Adventure, where I found an adorable black and white checked flag style seatbelt bag. I loved it and bought it, quickly putting it to use. A few days after returning home from our trip, we were unfortunately t-boned by a driver who ran a red light at 60 mph. I fractured my collar bone and smashed my shins against the center console, badly bruised. However, a new Harveys “guaranteed tough” handbag saved my ankle from being smashed by being the barrier between my ankle and the car. Several items inside my purse were crushed, cracked, or broken, but my ankle was not, and the purse still looked brand new, not even the lining fabric was scratched with everything that shattered inside! I wanted to express my gratitude to your company for making such a sturdy and beautiful product.
    My boyfriend and I are now nearly fully recovered and I still tell everyone about how well that purse stood up when so much else was damaged.
    Again, thank you for making such a great product, and now I know when you say “guaranteed tough,” you mean it! Thankfully, the car’s seatbelts and your seatbelts prevented a lot of damage. Keep up the good work, we will always be fans!

Melissa M. and James S.

Thanks you so much Melissa and James for sharing your story with us. I'm glad to hear that you're almost fully recovered, but I think I need to insert a disclaimer here for everyone: Please don't try this at Home
We actually visited Cars Land on Monday and I thought of Melissa's story. Being in Cars Land has been a great opportunity for us and we were there to talk to the Disney Team about expanding our collection with some new Cars Land exclusive designs so keep an eye out for them coming soon.