October 2012 First Friday

New month, new Seatbeltbags!

It's First Friday, where there's always something new...

This month marks my and Melanie's wedding anniversary! In its honor, meet the special edition 15th Anniversary Wedding Set which includes a Carriage Ring Tote and a matching Minnie Wristlet. The perfect Harveys collectors item! 

Evergreen is a bold dark green color available in a variety of silhouettes and accessories! 

Our trendy new colorblock combination of Storm gray, deep Evergreen, and Pearl white seatbelts.

Peacock includes a Storm Carriage Ring Tote with a beautiful Peacock design embroidered onto the horizontally-stitched seatbelt. Also included in this collection is a Peacock print that looks like an actual peacock feather with it's green-blue iridescent color and eye-like spots in an attractive blue, and yellow outline.

I hope you enjoy!