No, Thank You.

We received this wonderful card wishing us a Happy 15th Anniversary.
It was so amazing that I thought I should share it with all of you.
I am so touched that you gals would go to great lengths to make this for us. We really appreciate it. 
So Here it is:
Who would have thought a gift for Melanie would have created the amazing bags we all love today. Thank you for sharing your love of each other, your family, your passion and your bags with all of us. Here's to many more years to come with great times, great bags, and great friends. Love you, mean it!!!
April Millikan
Congratulations on 15 years of success! It really shows you what outstanding designs, amazing craftsmanship, and unbeatable customer service will do :) I am grateful to you for all of that, plus bringing a bunch of new crazy gals into my life!
Happy Anniversary, HARVEYS SeatbeltBags! Here's to 15 more years!
<3 Sandie Frakes
Thank you for making such amazing bags that have brought some wonderful people into my life. Happy Anniversary!
Stephanie Edington-Shearer
Stacy Howell-White
Thank you so much for 15 years of amazing quality bags that have brought us all together. I am proud to "tote" each and every one of my HARVEYS Seatbeltbags! Can't wait to see what the next 15 years holds!
Happy 15 years Anniversary!
Samantha Rich
Abigail Prout
Thank you HARVEYS for such awesome bags! They bring such a sense of fun and fashion every day!
Happy Anniversary!
Michelle Arant
Kelly Cousimano - Claudia Lopez
HOORAY FOR HARVEYS! Here's to hoping the next 15 years will be as great as the last. I'm so lucky to have met so many wonderful people through my love of these bags. Congratulations and continued success for the future.
All my best, Carrie Voss

Thank you for making AWESOME bags and for allowing me to meet such FANTASTIC women because of you!!!
Love, Trish Lenkiewicz

Diana Fairburn
Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more years. -Stacy Wilbanks
Happy Anniversary!!! Teri Martin
Jennifer Belyea - Jen Kaiden

It's really Melanie and I that should be thanking all of you for your continued support through the years. It's because of you that we are able to live out our dream. We really appreciate each and every one of you. We often hear that our bags bring people together and create friendships. I feel we have been blessed with this great gift too. I've gotten to meet a lot of you, especially now that I've had the opportunity to travel to Omaha, Seattle and Detroit. I hope to be able to travel more so I can personally say...
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.