Patchwork Update

I hope you're as excited for Patchwork 2012 as I am.
As you know, it has outgrown our humble parking lot so it's relocating to Downtown Santa Ana, which means there'll be a lot more space and tons more vendors. Yay!
As usual, we have a lot of great activities for you gals, including:
  • DIY craft project. I don't want to spoil the surprise but I'll give you a hint; we've teamed up with a well known"Stamper" and You'll "Wish You Were Here"...
  • Since the fundraiser silent auction was such a hit, we've decided to do it again. There will be more factory finds up for bid, and it's all for a worthy cause: Orangewood Children's Foundation  Shelter for abused, neglected and abandoned Children.
  • Raffles with ton's of giveaways 
  • Funny Photo-op booth
  • Design Lab and Focus Group with YOU!
  • Retrospective Reference Library of our past Bags, Prints, Colors, etc...
  • And of course, Buttons, Pocket mirrors, Stickers, Postcards and much, much more.

Just a reminder, it's this Sunday May 27th, from 11am-5pm.
See You There!