Drink Your Vegetables

This is my secret for, not only an energized morning but hopefully a longer and healthier life. This is how I start my day, yes... everyday. If for some reason I missed making it in the morning (it happens) then I do it at some point even if it's after dinner.
 Here is my recipe:

1 orange (peel removed with knife) or
1 apple (depends on my mood, what I
have and it sweetens up my cocktail)
1/2 lemon unpeeled
4-5 carrots (cut tops off)
1/2 cucumber
1/4 green bell pepper
1-2 cloves garlic
1-2" piece of ginger
1 red beet
2-3 kale
2-3 swiss chard

 I buy enough for 8 juices and each is approximately 24oz. Once I established a routine I was solid. I shop organic which can be a little more pricey. In my area I can get most of my list from Trader Joe's, its organic, and the prices are very reasonable. What I can't find there, I go to a store called Mother's. It is more expensive. My little secret is to go online and download the $5 off coupon.  To get $5 off you need to spend $50 but as we all know these days that's very easy. I bum lemons and oranges from friends when they are in season (my trees are still pretty small), and I grow as much as I can in my own garden. And the cost of taking your health into your own hands far outweighs what the medical world has to offer these days. When I get home I wash and organize my haul.

I pull out my gallon size plastic bags that of course I reuse and will do so until the wheels fall off. It's just a saying we use around the Harvey house. I actually pack them starting with the carrots then cucumber etc. and end with swiss chard and kale. I then juice from the order on the top of the bag. There is a reason to my madness. The other things will help push the leafy juice through. For those who want to take it to the next level I use all the pulp thats left in my juicer in my composting bin which makes for great soil, which makes for great veggies and fruit and the cycle continues.

I bought the juicer at Costco a few years back. Good ol Jack. It's been very good to me. It's the Jack LaLanne's brand. It was around $80 bucks. You could probably even find one on Craig's list for a great deal. Note to self: clean right after juicing. Life will be much easier.

There are so many variations you can do! If you get a bunch of oranges from a friend or neighbor then forget the apple. If you have some extra broccoli in the drawer then by all means throw it in. If you cant do ginger then don't. Do whatever you want. If you go online you can find all kinds of recipes. I just wanted to share mine in hopes you might be inspired to have a healthy cocktail in the morning. Cheers!! And if you have a favorite please share it with us!

XOXO, Melanie