Something Big is Coming...

This Thursday night to the Santa Ana store from 7-9pm
We have an amazing night planned with lots of giveaways.
Get All Dolled Up for this one gals.



Today was the last day of the Grand National Roadster Show. We had a blast hanging out with some familiar Customers and meeting new ones.
 I had a chance to check out the amazing custom cars and hot rods.
I love the old 60's Ford Econoline Vans. The HARVEYS van is a 1965 Ford Econoline. We'll have to bring it out next time.
 This was my favorite Chopper. It's very reminiscent of the 60's and 70's. I'm actually in the process of building a Chopper right now.
 This is the Pick-up Truck version of the Ford Econoline. I'm digging the green flames.
 The Suede Palace staged the nostalgic Hotrods and Custom cars. They also had live 50's style bands playing all day and night. Lots of fun.
 there were some Old school pinup models.
 We love Pinks in Hollywood and they had a booth set up at the show so we had to grab a dog and chili Fries.
 Freddy from Nickelodeon's  I Carly was there. My girls love his show and got his autograph.
 Our Booth was right next to the Pinstripers section. 

Here I am Posing with my friend Doug Dorr. He's an amazing pinstriper.
 This Cadillac belonged to Clark Gable. 
 Some of the cars looked like they could fly.
 All in all it was a great weekend.


I'm Drawing a Blank

I received this in the mail yesterday. It came from the creative team at Disney.
 It's a blank Mickey Toy called Vinylmation and they want us to decorate him for a contest they're having at an upcoming creative workshop.
Hmmm. what to do. Got any ideas???
 CLICK HERE to find out more about Vinylmation


On the Road to the Roadster Show

Yesterday we set up shop at the Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona.
 If you're out there please come by and say hi.
 We'll be wearing these new sweatshirts and T's...
... and checking out all the amazing Cars in 6 different buildings. 
We'll be out there today, Saturday and Sunday. This is our first Roadshow of the year and my all-time favorite car show ever. Hope to see you there.


The Sisterhood of The traveling Seatbeltbag

A couple of girls at the Tough Love event showed me this backpack.
They're passing it around amongst other seatbeltbag sisters, each adding their chapter to the story of the traveling seatbeltbag.
I had the honor of signing it. 
The Peace and Love patches were expertly stitched on by Karen Kindschi and she even made a matching duster bag. I'm not surprised as she was the winner of the customize your seatbeltbag contest.

Thank you girls, for sharing this inspiring story of friendship and thanks for making HARVEYS a part of it too.
I can't wait to see more once the journey is complete.



Countdown to all things MINNIE MOUSE:

1.30.11 All new Harveys for Disney Couture Minnie Mouse Seatbeltbags!
Exclusively available through disneystore.com and their NYC Disney Store in Times Square!

and... (drum roll)

head on over to our Official Facebook Page to get all the giveaway details!

OH boy! (or should we say MOUSE!)


Tough Love event

Yesterday was our Tough Love Release Party and we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone.

 Lacey showed off her "yet-to-be-released" Clipas

The New Tough Love Boat Tote and Minnie Wristlet on display.
Tough Cookies

Melanie Harvey signing.
 These sisters were rocking their pint-sized HARVEYS bags.
 Everyone waiting to find out who the winners are

By request, Melanie and I both signed this Minnie Wristlet to look like an arrow.  
A big thanks to everyone that came out, some as far away as Maryland and Arizona. It's always a treat to meet everyone and hear your Seatbeltbag stories. 


Tough Love, Defined

According to Wikipedia, Tough Love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run.

According to Harveys, Tough Love is a Seatbletbag made in a mixed pallet of Valentine's Day Hues that's Guaranteed Tough.

I received nearly 150 entries. If your answer included any combination remotely close to that definition then you're one of 92 people that got it right. And the winner is:

Tina Gilbreath

She answered:
Because HARVEYS is guaranteed TOUGH and the bags are released for the holiday of LOVE.

Your Clipa is on it's way.
Lacey Jessamine just emailed this picture of a few Clipas and Harveys bags in line at the Tough Love event. 
Thanks for sharing Lacey.


Kindle Update

Thank you so much for all your feedback on the Kindle & Nook cover project. We finished up the first sample for my Kindle which also fits the Nook. Right now I'm testing it out to make sure it's "Guaranteed Tough". If everything goes well we should have them available in about a month.
 And....we had so many requests for an ipad cover, I decided to make one of those too. Alison in Sales is testing it out and she really loves it so far. Just a few tweaks but it should be available at about the same time as the Kindle cover
While I was doing some research on other covers out there, I found this sticker decal on Etsy. Pretty clever CLICK HERE to see more.



Kimmies Coffee Shop is one of our favorite Breakfast spots.
It's located in quaint Old Town Orange and serves great "Diner Style" breakfasts.
I get the "Classic Style" Breakfast... Pan Fried Potatoes, Toast, Bacon and Eggs with a cup of coffee.
If you're sitting at the counter you gotta have a Clipa

 Love the Valentine's Day tabelcloths and aprons.
The Waitresses are always so friendly too. If you're ever in Old Town Orange be sure and stop in to say Hello.