Pacific Standard Time

Taken from pacificstandardtime.org: “Pacific Standard Time is an unprecedented collaboration of cultural institutions across Southern California coming together to celebrate the birth of the L.A. art scene. Beginning October 2011, over 60 cultural institutions will make their contributions to this region-wide initiative encompassing every major L.A. art movement from 1945 to 1980. Celebrate the era that continues to inspire the world.” ---
Living in Southern California really has some perks! Being surrounded by art comes in handy when searching for inspiration, but today while visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); we saw some really interesting things that actually reminded us of some of our very own original Seatbeltbag collections.
We found accessories and handbags made from recycled LACMA street banners!

 These accessories were made from recycled soda can tops and candy wrappers. We couldn't help but be reminded of our Treecycle Seatbeltbags, which are made from reclaimed seatbelt material.

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We were thrilled to see vintage Barbie! Instantly, we were reminded of our collection of Barbie Seatbeltbags!

To check out our collection, please visit: Barbie Seatbeltbags

Seeing this Airstream definitely reminded us of our own custom Harveys Airstream we use to travel the country for various events and photo shoots. We had to snap a photo!

Paint by Numbers, anyone?

This vintage chair was really cool! It reminded us of what it looks like when a Harveys Original Seatbeltbag is being woven together into a silhouette for all of you!

We had such a great time today at LACMA! Best of all, today's admission was totally free!

For more info on Pacific Standard Time and to get a listing of all the participating museums & exhibits , visit: Pacific Standard Time