Tonight, at the Grand Central Art Center!

We’re often asked where we get all the super cool seatbelts with the fun prints that we turn into Harveys Original Seatbeltbags. 

The secret is out; we actually create all the prints you see on Harveys Original Seatbeltbags in-house!

One of our newest members to join Harveys Creative Team is Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Nancy Chiu! If Nancy seems familiar, it’s because she was 1 of 3 winners chosen for Harveys art and fashion competition called INTRO in 2010, in which the Harveys themselves and 9 other Art & Fashion Guru’s judged a comprehensive competition for undiscovered artists.

The top ten was narrowed down to 3, and the top three winners each had a solo art show that ran for an entire month and was housed at Harveys Melrose Gallery. Nancy, along with the other 3 winners also had their very own Seatbeltstrap tote put into production and received royalties off each tote sold!

Tonight at The Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) in Santa Ana, Ca, Nancy is having an opening reception from 7pm-10pm to showcase her latest project, “Dwelling” which Nancy describes as an exploration of the haunting persistence of one’s longing and desire. It is Nancy’s 1st exhibit at GCAC and she is really excited!

Harveys is thrilled to show our support for Nancy! 

You’ll be seeing a lot of Nancy’s work over the next year as we launch some really exciting, unique & beautiful Harveys Original Seatbeltbag prints!

See you tonight, Nancy Chiu!

For more info on GCAC and tonight’s event, visit this link: Grand Central Art Center
For the official GCAC Facebook page, visit this link: GCAC Official Facebook Fan Page
To get more info on Nancy Chiu, please visit her website at: Nancy Chiu.com