Green Day

This Past Sunday we spent the day at Great Park and shopped the Farmer's Market.
We love to shop for our produce at these types of markets because it supports Local Growers and eliminates a lot of wasted resources used in transporting our food from thousands of miles away. 
We're always looking for better ways to be "Green" and lessen our carbon footprint.
Which is one reason that I recently decided to go Vegan.
Mixed Green Vegetables and Fruits are a big part of my diet now and I have to admit that I'm feeling a lot healthier for it.
 All of the beautiful colors are so inspiring. You just don't get the same experience when you shop at the Grocery Store.
 Melanie loves to garden and we actually have 6 different varieties of Tomatoes that we grow in our back yard. The heirloom are our favorite.
 The Beekeepers support the growers by pollenating the crops. Honey is just a sweet reward.
 Mixed Green Salads are so refreshing

 I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our Green Day at the Farmer's Market. You never know where inspiration may come from. No matter where we go I'm always snapping pictures.