We got a chance to go and speak at our good friend and fellow cohort of design Shane Geil's class at OCC. Shane has been a part of Dana's life going on 20 years now and they have both become accomplished designers in their own right. Shane teaches an amazing class called Design in Everyday Life that is basically a super fun combo of lectures from real world designers, non-linear thought experiments in design, and his creative spirit rolled into an explosion of getting your mind blown. He invited us in to talk about design and the students got a sneak of some new stuff (education has it's perks) and got to ask us questions about designing with limits and manufacturing in the U.S.. It's a cool thing to give back because OCC is a majority of our Creative Departments Alma Mater including Dana. So if you are thinking about design we recommend Orange Coast and Design in Everyday Life, you might get a chance to see us speak next semester.