To give you a little clue about what's coming up this First Friday we are giving you our top 5 Vampire Comedies. An odd little sub-genre of mostly eighties films that are just as bad as they are good. Here's the run down boos and ghouls.

5. The Lost Boys:
Yeah we know.. but seriously comic book kids in Santa Cruz uhhmmm I mean "Santa Carla" battle a goth-rock biker gang of blood suckers not to mention one of the best soundtracks of the eighties thanks Echo and the Bunnymen.

4. Vamp:
Buddy Comedy meets surrealist fright fest through a desolate city scape. The best thing about this film is that it kinda sorta stars the always weird and wonderful Grace Jones in Keith Harring body paint. This is an underrated gem.

3. Vampires Kiss:
A much better metaphor for Eighties excess than Wall Street, Gordon Gecko has nothing on Nicholas Cage's severely unhinged performance as a Yuppie who thinks he's turning into a vampire. Probably one of the most bizarre performances of Cage's career.

2. The Fearless Vampire Killers:
Roman Polanski's masterpiece and the originator of the genre. Just look at the first frame of the film with the remix of the Metro Goldwyn logo. Nuff Said.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the show):
Yeah its technically not a movie but when it comes to a vampire comedy this one takes the cake or blood or whatever. Its quite possibly one of the best t.v. shows of all time and featured one of the best
casts and writers. Josh Whedon is a genius and took a subpar movie and turned it into pure gold. People tend to giggle when I mention this show as if its just common trash but it tends to blur the line with references ranging from Post-modern Literature to Nail Polish brands.

Thats our list Vamps, check back to see what Vamp related product might be coming your way this First Friday!