Spring Cleaning

Things happen when you're carrying your Seatbeltbags around as much as most of us at Harveys are!

Luckily, our Seatbeltbags are super stain resistant, and a quick spot-cleaning is usually all it takes to get them looking brand, spankin' new. 
Amanda from the Marketing Department put together a little photo demonstration:

To get your "spot-clean" on, get a toothbrush and a glass of warm water mixed with mild soap.

Dip the toothbrush in the soapy water, and gently scrub the seatbelt in the direction it's woven.  Once you're done with the soap, dip the toothbrush in clean water and gently scrub again. 

Let your Seatbeltbag air dry.

If your bag's looking like it needs way more than a spot-cleaning, you can always send it to our Bag Spa!

A toothbrush and soapy water is the safest cleaning method, but I know you've probably got a few tricks up your sleeve. Have any Seatbeltbag cleaning tips to share?