First Friday: Inside Scoop!

Happy First Friday! 

First Friday always means there's a new product release, which is pretty exciting stuff, even for those of us at Harveys that have seen these bags for a few months already.  It's our first chance to hear what our customers think!

On our blog, First Friday is a chance for us to share a little MORE about the collection.

This month, each member of our design team is sharing what their favorite FF item is, starting with Dana!

DANA HARVEY - Earth Day Reusable Canvas Tote

Dana: "I love the Earth Day reusable tote! I keep these totes in the trunk of the car, ready to go for grocery shopping, going to the beach, or just bringing extra stuff to work.  They're heavy duty, so it's almost a challenge---'how much can I fit in this thing?'  The answer?  A LOT." [get your own Earth Day Reusable Tote]

CHERYL - Tools of the Trade Pouch

Cheryl: "When we first released Tools of the Trade for Father's Day last year, I was all 'Hey!  Why don't we have one for women?  We have tools!" ...although, probably not the same kind.  What's my favorite tool on the print?  Definitely the power drill, because when I use one, I feel like I really know what I'm doing.  Minimal effort, guaranteed results." [get your own Tools of the Trade Pouch]

ERIN - Gray & White Polka Dot Lola Satchel

Erin: "Well, I've been carrying the Lola Satchel around (because I stole the design department sample), and I get stopped everywhere I go.  I get compliments ALL the time!  It fits all my junk, and I can dress it up, or dress it down.  Date night? Check.  Just hanging out in jeans?  Check.  LOVE HER!"  [get your own G&W Polka Dot Lola Satchel]

Alright, let's hear it---which item on this First Friday is YOUR favorite?