Spring forward!

It's that time of year when all of us "spring forward" to get an extra hour of sunlight in the evening.  It feels like I look up the reasons behind Daylight Savings every year, but by the time it rolls around again, I'm never sure I have the final answer.  So, I looked it up again.

I can't resist a good swap meet find.

Turns out that many countries implemented some form of Daylight Savings after World War I (different dates and different times, but same idea).  The original idea was energy-savings---moving the clocks forward moves an hour of sunlight from the morning (when most of us are asleep) to the evening, so that less electricity is used to keep things lit up.

Daylight Savings came up when I was talking to my brother in Australia, and he mentioned that they don't move their clocks in Brisbane.  Apparently, farmers outnumber non-farmers there, and since the time change would confuse the cows, the farmers weren't having it.

This is probably not what my brother meant. 

These days, no one seems totally convinced that Daylight Savings actually saves much energy, but most people still love having sunnier evenings.

Well, whether you love it or not, don't forget to move those clocks forward!
With the number of vintage, mid-century clocks we have in our office, I'm just thankful we don't use any of them to keep time.