Mind Your Own Beeswax!

Well, anyone who has seen our SeatbeltBUG print can probably guess that I'm not squeamish around insects, but bees are definitely up there as a favorite.

For one, they're a pretty important part of keeping fruits and vegetables around, and two, you have to admit it's a pretty good-lookin' bug (good work, bees; you can't go wrong with a bold stripe).  Backyard and rooftop beekeeping  have gotten pretty big with lots of people that have the space and want to help keep bees around for a while.  The bees in my backyard have got a pretty good gig, themselves:

Cesar of Backyard Bees the hive, the hive after setup, and Cesar with Melanie and the girls.  Gotta love the bee suit!
Here in SoCal, there's a backyard honey bee service called  Backyard Bees that we met at last year's Patchwork Show in Santa Ana (P.S. it's coming up again on May 26th and we'll be there!). Backyard Bees does honey bee rescue, relocation, and they also set up legit hives at residences, maintain them, and collect a portion of the honey to make beeswax and honey products to help cover their costs.  They also give you a portion of the honey!  Pretty sweet deal.

Backyard bees at their Patchwork Show booth last year in Santa Ana. (photo credit - Backyard Bees)

So, do honey bees have anything to do with Seatbeltbags?  Maybe, maybe not.  For now, it's none of your beeswax.

P.S. Who's coming to our Spring 2013 LTD launch?