Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last night we put up our Christmas tree which is quite a production. It involves drudging up bins and boxes from the basement, assembling the color coordinated silver tinsel branches, untangling the lights then stringing them up and last but not least, reminiscing on past Christmases while putting up the ornaments that we've accumulated over the years.
I thought I would share some of our favorites with you.
Sea urchin snowman from Hawaii - Mini Airstream - Honey Bee
It's a Small World Collection. Do you know what country the Hippo is from?
Tinkerbell and the 2 dwarves...

Little Lamb and a Pink Elephant
And this Year Lily only broke 2 ornaments (we used to have more dwarfs).

This year just for kicks, I made a micro mini Seatbeltbag from the same seatbelt we use for our click-and-go. What do you think, would you gals like to hang one on your tree?