December 2012 First Friday

Happy last First Friday of the year Harveys fans! 

Oh, do we have some AMAZING Seatbeltbags for you this month...

We know how much our fans love Minnie Wristlets! The 15th Anniversary Minnie Wristlet features a blingin' 15th Anniversary crest on red seatbelt. Here's to an amazing 15th Anniversary!

A new Harveys for Disney Couture collection dedicated to the adorable couple, Mickey & Minnie in Love. Available in our Carriage Ring Tote silhouette with a ruled paper print and a double-sided sketch of the famous couple. 

The perfect Holiday color, Chestnut, a warm cinnamon brown color. 

Our newest print, a traditional Croc design in deep brown tones. Accented with Espresso brown seatbelt and brushed gold hardware. YUM!

A very Stripely Seatbeltbag! Black, Chestnut, and Peral white mixed seatbelts come together to make Stripely.

Which new Seatbeltbag collection are you LOVING?