Which Princess are You?

Being a Dad and living with a house full of girls (my beautiful wife, 2 daughters, Dog Coco and cat Boo) can be tough sometimes. They can be happy, sad, emotional, caring, dramatic, angry and happy again all within 5 minutes, and they have a way of ganging up on me too. Well, my daughters were watching the Disney Channel the other day and this commercial came on.
As I watched it, I finally "got" it. Now I have a greater appreciation for the female perspective. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by girls.
So what I want to know is which Disney Princess are you? Melanie is Ariel, Marilyn is Sleeping Beauty and Lily is just Minnie Mouse (I know she's not a princess but she just loves Minnie) Well, if she wasn't Minnie Mouse she would be Snow White because the animals just love her.