Getting to know: The Artisan's Bench

Meet The Artisan's Bench! One of our awesome retailers in Brighton, Michigan. We thought it would be fun for our fans to get to know them a little better!

Artisan's Bench all started with owner Colin's mom, Mondi. She started a hand-knotted rug business back in 1993. She established the building and beautiful foundation from which The Artisan's Bench was born. In April 2011, Colin and his wife became owners, and shifted the main focus of the shop to handmade works; he also brought the importance of American-made, with a special emphasis on Michigan made goods to the forefront. 

Some fun facts about The Artisan's Bench... Colin's 3-year-old Boston Terrier, Sig, is the most requested item for sale in their store. Sig gets to park in their employee of the month spot every month.

The Artisan's Bench spends a lot of time on their front window displays. They often hear that the town of Brighton loves to see them change.

And the reason they LOVE Harveys so much... The attention to detail, the super high quality of construction, and the awesome ladies who demand to carry Harveys! 

The Artisan’s Bench started off small and has been quickly growing since with huge thanks to their loyal and awesome customers!

So… If you’re ever in Brighton, Michigan stop by Artisan’s Bench, they’d love to “get to know” you!

Now, everybody sing along!