Let the voting begin!

We are SO excited about all the submissions we received for the "Weave me up, Scotty" SeatbeltBlog contest! THANK YOU to everyone that participated! 

Here are our favorite submissions...

1                                                 2                                                 3

   4                                                  5                                                  6

7                                                   8                                                 9

10                                           11                                         12

13                                                14                                             15

        16                                                        17                                               18              

                                20                                               21                                                 22

                                23                                                 24                                               25       

   26                                                        27                                               

Now we need your help! Vote for the "weave" image you think is the best. How? It's easy! Each of the above images are numbered. All you have to do is comment on this blog post with the number of the image you think should win.

So... for those of you that are in the running to win a Fall 2012 Seatbeltbag, start getting those votes! Tell EVERYONE you know to vote for your image, as the top 5 images with the most votes will win one of theses...

Voting closes Thursday 10/25 at midnight. Winners will be announced Friday 10/26 at 12pm PDT.

Good luck!