'12 NBC: Product Launch

Last weekend we celebrated the launch of our all new Harveys for Disney Couture Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Seatbeltbag collection at Disney's Vault 28, in the Downtown Disney District. 

We had a blast with all of our amazing fans!

Here are some of our fans with their newly purchased NBC Seatbeltbags waiting in line to meet us and get their Seatbeltbags signed! 

One of the awesome Vault 28 employees standing infront of the display and rockin' the Sally Large Stella Hobo.

Me & Melanie signing away! We were able to meet some new fans and chat it up with some "OG" fans as well.

These ladies totally stocked-up on NBC Seatbeltbags! 

A Harveys fan in the making wearing her Sally Baguette.

One of our original fans carrying an Original Seatbeltbag that was made in our garage! It's still holding strong.

Our friend Noah, an amazing Disney Artist, and family stopped by to say hello. It was so awesome to see them! 

Holli from Disney (who helped make this event possible) getting her arm signed by Melanie. It's her tradition with all designers that visit Vault 28!

The amazing Vault 28 crew we worked with for the day. Thanks girls! 

 A HUGE thank you to everyone that made it out! And if you weren't able to make it... no problem! The Nightmare Before Christmas Seatbeltbags are available online & in-store!