Back in Stock - Lucky Charm Tees

When we released the Lucky Charm Tees, we had no idea it would sell out so fast. We decided to make more and I wanted to include you guys on the process.
 The Raglan Tee-shirts are made in Downtown LA by American Apparel. Here's a few pics I took when I went to pick them up.
While I was waiting I stepped inside their Factory Outlet Store.
 There are hundreds of American Apparel Stores all across the world and all the products are made right here.
If you've never stepped inside an American Apparel store, one of the first things you'll notice is how colorful everything is.
 They carry Sox
Gloves, Beanies
Hoodies (BTW, I bought one during my visit)
Leggings, tights and much, much more. Available in every color of the rainbow.
Here's our order, freshly packed, right off the sewing machine.
The screen printing process starts with placing the T-shirt on the palette. Care must be taken to align it correctly.

 First the black ink is applied to create the "I  HARVEYS"
Then it gets the Emerald ink for the "Shamrock" which is a perfect color match to our Emerald Seatbelt.
And... Bam! it's ready for the dryer
 Here I am making sure everything is lined up right.
Where it's baked at 320 degrees.
Then, finally we package them up... and that's how it's done.
 Click HERE to find out more about the Lucky Charm Tees.