The Hipster

I'm often asked, "Hey Dana, is there really more than one way to wear the Hipster?!"
 ...and, "Can you really wear a Hipster on your hips?!"

The answer is, yes! 

I really like being able to offer Harveys Original Seatbeltbags and accessories that provide multiple functions and this silhouette offers 4 bags in 1!

Here's some fun photos our retail store associates snapped to show our customers how the Hipster can be toted!

Above, Dolores from Harveys Santa Ana is toting our Black Hipster over the shoulder like a shoulder-toting Seatbeltbag at a very comfortable drop length! In the next photo, she's got our Red Hipster around her hips! The adjustable strap on all our Hipsters will extend to approx 40 inches.

Above to the left is Sabrina from Harveys Chino Hills clutching the Black Hipster using the wrist strap & styled with a Rose colored Large Rosette! That's Erin above on the right clutching an Espresso Hipster
without the strap from Harveys Santa Ana!

Below is Dolores on the left with an Espresso Hipster worn cross-body & there's Kaylee from Chino Hills on the bottom right toting her Espresso Hipster over the shoulder with a SeatbeltBow!

Here's a sneak peek of the different items you can tote inside the Hipster! Lip gloss, gum, iPhone, glasses & there's even some small pockets and card slots so you can maximize your space and eliminate a wallet all together!

Here's Erin having some fun with our Red Hipster! Looks great as a casual clutch on the bottom left and toted on her back on the bottom right!  

I really like that Sabrina and Kaylee put Rosettes and SeatbeltBows on their Hipsters! It really does change the whole style!

I hope this gives everyone a better look at Hipster Seatbeltbags!
For more info on our Hipsters, check out this link: