Olde School

Last week Melanie and I took a trip to Carlsbad, San Diego for a few days. We've driven through it on the 5 freeway many times and even visited Legoland but little did we know it's a really quaint little town. The hotel we stayed at had bicycles for the guests so we pedaled around town.
We stopped at Olde Joy Antiques. We often look to the past for inspiration for our bags. I thought I would share some things that we liked.
This hat was actually a new reproduction. Liked the buckle on the side and the B&W leopard print
 We love old keys and ended up buying this vintage deck of playing cards to play Gin Rummy back at the hotel.
This display reminded me that Halloween is just around the corner. 
 Scaredy Cat
 Love the old 70's Mickey phone.
 These earrings reminded me of Paint by Numbers
 There was lots of fun costume jewelry.
 Melanie's favorite flower is the Magnolia. We have an old painting of one in our Home that we found at an antique store when we were first dating.
 We bought this cute little globe for our girls. Melanie Home schools them and is always looking for fun ways to teach them.
This floral needle point bag had the neatest acrylic handle that actually worked as a closure system. The new Margot handles were inspired by a vintage handbag that Melanie found.
This handbag had a really cute french provincial design that reminded me of Toile Print which is often seen as Wallpaper.
 This bag was just a bit bigger than a Mini Wristlet. The micro-needlepoint must have taken many hours to do.
 More needlepoint. Growing up my mother did a lot of needlepoint so I have a great appreciation for this art form.
We got these placemats for the girls. Love the 60's artwork.
These retro print pillows were on display in the window reminding us that Carlsbad is a Beach front Community. We had lots of fun in Carlsbad. If you're ever in the San Diego area stop in and check it out.