NBC Launch Event

Last Saturday we launched the Nightmare Before Christmas collection at Vault 28.
This was such a fun collection for us to work on. Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite Tim Burton movies. When I first saw it back in 1993 I never imaged that I would get the opportunity to work with the creative team to design a collection of handbags. 
When designing the collection, I wanted to capture the essence of the movie without being overly obvious so I chose the skull and bat prints and added the iconic Moon Silhouette of Jack and Sally with the Glow-in-the-dark Charms.
This was a Gift With Purchase Tote that Disney arranged to be given only at the launch. We were amazed that the sold out because we projected more than 3X what they normally offer. A lot of guests were having us sign right on the moon next to Sally and Jack.
It was so great to see so many of girls with our bags hanging out at Downtown Disney
The line started forming at 6am.
We got to meet a lot of new people many of which were buying their very first HARVEYS bag.
Everyone was so patient. Many waited in line for hours. 
Our Store managers Karla and Brittany.
I spotted this Get Checked bag. Very cute and she even had a pink Clippa.
This is the Vault 28 crew. They are always so helpful.
Some of the HARVEYS crew: Cheryl, Christopher, Melissa and Allison . Disney gave us a bunch of Park Hopper Passes for that day so they came out early to enjoy the Park.
Vault 28 also has a great selection of other Disney x HARVEYS bags as well as other non-Disney HARVEYS bags too.
Thank you so much to all that came out. We really enjoyed chatting with everyone and hope you had as much fun as we did.