That's How we Roll

We just got back from a little family camping trip in the Airstream (hence the lack of blog posts... Sorry). Now that I'm back, I've decided to give my desk a much needed makeover. Although I love my vintage Rolodex it's become obsolete and takes up a lot of space, considering I can fit all of the information on my iphone. 
 I've had it since we first started HARVEYS so I'm kind of attached to it. It has been a key part of our growing business, housing vital contact information for all of our vendors, suppliers and manufacturing partners since we began way back in 1997.
I picked it up at a Thrift Store for $8 (it still has the price written on the bottom).  I love the retro styling with it's crinkle paint finish, heavy steel construction and especially the art deco flip knob. It was Made in the USA from an era when we made most of the stuff that we used.
Since I haven't really used in years and it's taking up so much room on my desk, I think it's finally time for it to go into retirement. 
Farewell old friend. Thank you for almost 15 years of service.