Fur Friday

Happy Fur Friday everyone. 
Here's a couple of pics to make your day even more Cherry... I mean Cheery:)
 This was sent in by Adria. She wrote:
Attached is a picture of my two babies, Colby Jack and my Harvey's Cherry purse. He seems to love it just as much as I do!! :) He actually seems to like the Cherry one better than my Blackberry! He has good taste though as cherries ROCK :D Keep up the good work, you guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thanks Adria and we think Colby Jack is amazing. BTW, does he like cheese by any chance?

This pic was sent in by Carly. She wrote:
Thought I would share a picture or two of my beach babe, Libby, with my Black Cherry MBT.
 Who am I kidding.  She's not a beach babe.  We are landlocked.
 Who cares.  She's stinkin' cute.

I totally agree with you Carly. She is stinkin' cute.

As you probably know, yesterday we released the SeatbeltDog collection. I would love to see some pics of your Furry Friends wearing their new HARVEYS collars and leashes. Maybe even some matching your bag. If you happen to have one, please send it to info@seatbeltbags.com