Wish You Were Here!

We just received 3 new postcard designs. These will be available for free at Patchwork...
As well as a bunch of our past FF Postcards.
Patchwork is on May 29 (next Sunday) from 11-5pm
Here are some of the fun things we have planned:

Silent Auction of Factory Finds (100% of Proceeds go to RUFF)
Custom Patchwork 2011 Buttons and Mirrors
Exclusive Patchwork Project where you'll make your own special HARVEYS item.
Lots of Raffles/ Giveaways
Browse the HARVEYS source library of past bags and consult with our very own expert.
Be part of our Design Group with Melanie Harvey.
Check out handmade wares from more than 150 local crafters.
And since you'll be in town you can visit our Santa Ana store which is less than a mile away.
See you there!