Rosette Necklace

No this isn't the latest creation from the HARVEYS design team.
Tammi I. came up with this all on her own. She emailed this picture and wrote:
"As graduation is approaching, I was asked if I wanted a carnation or an orchid lei and being silly I said I wanted a Harveys Lei.... Since you guys don't have any Lei's for sale as of yet... I created my own using the rosettes I had on hand (it'd look better if the colors matched but oh wells).... 
-Tammi I"
Great job Tammi. Thanks for sharing and congratulations. 
At Patchwork Melanie will be recruiting all of you budding designers so be prepared to be creative and if we end up using your design you'll get the first one off the production line for free. Heck we may even name it after you. More details to follow.