Mail Call

I got this letter in the mail from Jenny Boyd. She tells us how she came to buy her very first Seatbeltbag.  It really made me smile. It's kind of small to read so I typed it out below. 
Dear Harveys :)

  I wanted to say hi and to thank you for making my
seatbeltbag. You have no idea when you made these, you
made one just for me! A few weeks ago I purchased my very
first one - a black baguette.
  I was needing a new purse for a while but haven't been
able to find one I liked. I'm a "tomboy" I guess, not a
"girly girl" and all the purses I saw in stores were big, fancy,
colorful and totally opposite of me. I was getting frustrated.
  In desperation I turned to the internet and became
overwhelmed. Then I don't know how I found it, but a
Harveys seatbeltbag appeared (a black medium tote). The name
"seatbelt" caught my eye because I'm a huge car buff. I clicked
on your website and was in love - like these bags were made for
me - yes, even the big colorful ones - they are all so cool :)
  I showed my husband and he's like "you have to get one" then
I told him the baguette price and right away he says "I don't care".
So I ordered it and it was the longest week to wait, LOL!
  I was so excited when the Harveys box arrived. I took it
out of the plastic and couldn't believe how heavy and sturdy
it was! I love it :)
So thank you very much for making such a cool bag just for
me! I must admit it's  little bigger than I wanted and costed
a little more than I wanted to spend - but it's so worth it!
Love - love - love it!!! :)

-Jenni Boyd.