Apple Juice

Last week Melanie had a little accident with her Apple Laptop. She carries her laptop in the Dottie Boat Tote and for some reason decided to put a bottle of Apple Juice in there too. You can probably guess what happed... Yep, the cap was loose and completely leaked out in her bag. The good news: The Dottie Boat Tote was OK. The bad news: Her laptop wasn't.
Her first reaction was, "My pictures" with a panicked look on her face. So we headed down to the Apple store to see what they could save.
The good news: they were able save everything from her old computer. The bad news: her old computer was fried so she had to buy a new one. Considering she could have lost all of our family photos not to mention her design work, we were both very happy.
While I was there I wanted to see how the new Ipad 2 fit in our Ipad Case and I'm happy to say it fits perfectly. 
A word of advice: Apple Juice and Apple Laptops don't mix.