Fur Friday

Why's everybody always picking on me?
OMG, So cute. When I was a kid, I really wanted a Hush Puppy (Basset Hound) like in the shoe commercials. One year for Christmas I even asked Santa for a one.  

Erin Lane sent us these pics of Molly Mae and wrote this:
"A couple of pictures of Molly Mae Lane for your "Fur Friday". She is anxiously awaiting a Seatbelt Collar. Have a great day!!"

We'll have a few samples of the "Guaranteed Ruff" collection on silent auction at Patchwork 2011, May 29th. I hope you can make it Molly Mae Lane.

If you have a picture of your Furry Friend on, in or beside your seatbeltbag and would like it featured on Fur Friday. Send it to info@seatbeltbags.com.