Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

But does every Seatbeltbag have a Silver lining?
Well, although the majority of our bags do come with silver lining we actually have a wide range of colors that we use for different collections. Below are some of the more common variations of our HARVEYS signature lining:
Silver: Used in most of our Classic Seatbeltbags. 
Pink: Used in several Tough Love bags as well as some others
 Black: Used in the Men's Black Label collection, Sugar and Spice, Stella, Lola, etc...
 Brown: Used in our Carriage Collection and also Mashed Browns.
 Razzleberry: Used in Barbie Seatbeltbags.
 Mixed Greens: This was used in Armed with Roses
Red and Grey Disney: These were used for various Disney seatbeltbags. Note that our signature star is replaced by the Mickey silhouette.
Our HARVEYS signature lining is a poly-jacquard that is stain resistant and fray resistant. And, the design is made to be read from all angles.
 I recently created this "H" monogram design which incorporates the very same "H" from our HARVEYS logo. Note that it mimics the weave of our seatbeltbags. It was used for the first time in the Grey Monogram Scarf we recently released.
Are there any other color schemes that you would like to see in either the HARVEYS signature lining or the new "H" monogram design?