Boxy Moxy

By now you've probably seen our latest installment to the Forever Blue Jeans legacy, the Moxy. I thought I would take a moment to give you a little background on this very unique silhouette. 
The Moxy is a mix of 2 sizes of seatbelt, the Traditional 2" and the 1 1/4" which, incidentally, is used on Child Car Seats. We named it Moxy because it's a Modified Boxy. Slightly bigger with longer handles and just a little bit smaller than the Large Satchel.
It was first introduced in 2009 in the Tough Love collection.
Since it was such a big hit we decided to bring it back again in 2010 for the Day after Thanksgiving release of Mashed Browns.

And don't forget the Forever Blue Jeans wallet. The very first mixed sizes, seatbelt wallet.

The Moxy has the familiar Forever Blue Jeans lining, which is hand silk-screened on actual denim.
And this year for the first time ever we used custom Forever Blue Jeans labels.
Last year I posted a question on the blog: "Would you like to see something new in Forever Blue Jeans next year?" It received almost 30 comments with some great ideas that really helped us when we designed this new Forever Blue Jeans collection. So Thank you everyone who commented. We really appreciate the feedback.