Fur Friday #3

OMG!!! I'm making this my new screen saver.
It was sent in by Tammi I. and she did all the fancy graphic design work herself. She added this little note:

Hi Harveys!
Here is my take on Fur Friday with my Yorkies... I may just have to do another one with my boy and girl Yorkies, Miley and Riley... since we're totally a Harveys loving family...

Thanks for sharing Tammi. Does this mean we're going to have to make bags called Miley and Riley now?

Don't forget, if you have a picture of your furry friend(s) on, in or beside your HARVEYS bag and would like them featured here on the blog, email it to info@seatbeltbags.com. I've been receiving a lot of pics which is great. If you haven't seen yours yet, please be patient. I'm listing them in the order that they are received. Thanks.