ENJOY hair products, Just launched their new magazine ENJOY LIFE and HARVEYS was featured with an 8 page editorial.
Last Sunday they had a launch party at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. 
George (on my left)  is the art director at ENJOY and is good friends with Monica (on my right) who has  photographed for us on and off for years.
Here I am with Patrick, the CEO of ENJOY
Patrick hosted an amazing evening. They even previewed several webisodes which can be seen on their website.
Cheryl (far right), from our design department, with some of her hairdresser friends.
Gretchen Rossi from Real Housewives of Orange County
We had an awesome time at the launch party. Thanks Enjoy and thanks for all the amazing goodies. We have copies of ENJOY LIFE available at our retail stores so be sure to pick one up next time you're in there.