Ear Abstracts

Hey There,
It's Paul J. from the Harveys sales crew.
I wanted to tell you about a really fun event we had at Ear Abstracts this past Saturday.
Ear Abstracts is located in Yorba Linda California and carries a huge selection of Harveys seatbeltbags, 
as well as clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor and much more.
We saw lots of familiar faces and old seatbeltbag favorites.
Haven't seen a Rugby bag for a long time. Love the Peoni Lola, Hui.
Showing off her Sid's Sailor's Angel. 
Looking good girls
Allison from the HARVEYS sales crew looking super fly. (doesn't she look like Mariah Carey?)
This adorable little girl weaved polka dot ribbon through her back pack. So cute and Love the Get Checked '09.
I got to meet Lacey who had a big group of friends in tow. Thanks 
for the Support girl.
There were lots of prizes and lots of very happy winners.
Jazz hands everyone. Thanks for coming out. I had a blast hanging out with you all and a big shout out 
to Judy, Lesley and the rest of the Ear Abstracts Family.