How to make a seatbeltbag

We've been getting ready for the Patchwork show this Sunday June 6 starting at 11am. This will be such a fun event with lots of fun stuff to do. I'll be showing everyone how we turn these "ingredients" into a Large Satchel

Here's a schedule of everything we have planned for the event
11:00 Meet and greet and sign up for the focus group
11:30am How to spot a Fake
12:00 HARVEYS Trivia
12:30 Raffle
1:00 Focus Group with Melanie Harvey
2:00pm How to make a Seatbeltbag with Dana Harvey
2:30pm Raffle
3:00pm Bag Cleaning Demo
3:30pm Raffle

We'll also be making pocket mirrors and T-shirts all day as well as giving away book marks. We will have tables set up for you to trade bags or just hang out. We'll also have reference books with past seatbelt bags and colors and prints etc...

And remember our Santa Ana store is less than a mile from Patchwork and there will be a HARVEYS museum there just for this event. Hope to see you all this Sunday.