Patchwork 2010- Show and Tell

That's right, it's almost time for everyone's favorite craft fair... Patchwork! On June 6th from 11-5pm Patchwork 2010 will be held in the parking lot of our Building in Santa Ana at 2215 N. Broadway Street. Patchwork plays host to crafters and artists from all over the country.

We've been listening to all of your comments and requests on facebook and the blog and we thought Patchwork would be a great place to give you what you've all been asking for. We're calling it HARVEYS "Show and Tell".

Bring any bags you'd like to "share". We'll bring all of our reference materials of past colors, prints, LTD editions, sizes, labels, etc... Anything you've ever wanted to know about HARVEYS and your seatbeltbag. Here's a list of few other fun things we've crammed into this awesome event

* HARVEYS T-Shirts printed on site
*Take a Photo with the HARVEYS Van for the Blog.
*See a step by step demonstration on how your Seatbeltbag was made
*Make a Free Pocket mirror with your choice of artwork.
*Participate in a Focus Group with Melanie Harvey with a sneak peak at bags for 2011.
*Play our "How to spot a Fake" game to win a bag.
*Meet several "surprise" guests that have worked with HARVEYS
*Pop over to our Santa Ana store (less than a mile away) to visit our HARVEYS museum.
*Bring out your least used HARVEYS bags to "Share" with others.
*Leave a suggestion in our "Comments" box
*Watch a demonstration on how to care for your Seatbeltbag.
 and much, much more...

Here's a few pictures from some of the previous Patchwork events.