Chino Hills Mother's Day Event

On Saturday we went out to celebrate Mothers Day early at the Chino Hills store. It was so great to see all the Moms with their families.
 We raffled off a Mother Lode of of prizes. There were lots of happy winners.
My two little girls came with us of course and gobbled up the delicious chocolate strawberries. 
It was so great to see a plethora of past HARVEYS bags
This Mother and daughter each won a prize and dad showed up later and he won a prize too.
This was a great way to keep your keys from getting lost. She hooked this retractable gadget on her interior D-Ring.
Lacey brought her Cherry Bomb LTD. One of the very first LTD's
Melanie poses with her Bon Voyage rope tote next to the Skully rope tote.