Tree-cycle on NASCAR

NASCAR.com featured our Treecyle Large Satchel. Click here to read the article. The article talks about how you can recycle your whole car and the alternate uses for the materials.

Made me think about a project I'm working on with Sara Quinlan, a long time customer that I keep in contact with. She has interviewed Melanie and myself for some great articles about HARVEYS. Click here to read 
When it came time to recycle her '99 Cougar she emailed me to see if I could make a bag for her from the old seatbelts.

Here's a picture of her '99 Cougar, her very first car that saw her through some long road trips and snow storms.

I received the old seatbelts last week. She requested I make her a Classic Large Satchel. I'm excited to get working on it. It will be so cool that she can carry a memento of her first car. I'll post a picture of the finished bag as soon as it's done.