Limited Editions part 2.

We recently added a page on our website that list's every LTD edition bag that we've ever made, 35 and counting. Click here to check it out.

Kylie Ingram shared these pictures of her LTD edition collection. Her very first LTD edition bag was a "Paint by Numbers" (series 1) that she found on ebay. Over the years she's added to her collection and now has 10 but says she's not done yet.
I thought Kylie's collection was the biggest but then I got another email from Karen Kindschi. She sent me a picture of her 15 bags all in a row and listed all their names in order. She said she owns over 60 Harveys Seatbeltbags and these are just her LTD editions. 
Kisha Cravin sent in this picture of her 11 bags. Her favorite 3 are on the top, "Paint by Numbers #1" and "Carmel Crunch"

Amanda took this picture of her LTD edition collection on the steps of the Manitoba Legislative Building- The only structure large enough for her collection of 27 bags the new record holder and that's just the LTD editions.

Here's the rest of her collection. I think she has more than my wife Melanie.

Thanks for sharing ladies.